About RWG

Originally known as the ‘Retford and District Peasants and Heathens Guild’ and founded by school friends during the early ’80’s, we used to meet at Ordsall village hall to participate in role-play, board games and Ancients on a Tuesday evening. Some of the original members were Steven Vickers, Simon Quambro, Mark Nicolson, Ivan Annable and Mark Hunter. By the mid 80’s some of the original members had left but a new wave of younger players joined and the club was now at its peak at over 30 members. However after being forced to move to a new venue,work commitments, college/University placements and the rise of computer games, numbers dwindled until it finally ceased gaming in the mid 90’s. Some of its old membership are now members of Retford Wargames Group and Newark Irregulars, who fondly remember those early days.

Although we have a small membership today of a dozen or so members, we do have many years of experience in travelling up and down the UK and attending Wargames events over the past 30 years.

Retford Wargames Group meet on an informal basis having no permanent club venue. We roughly meet once per month at members houses. A wide selection of miniature games are played covering most periods from 3000BC to modern day warfare.

We run an event called CANNON held annually in March at Retfords town hall.


9 thoughts on “About RWG

  1. Hi there, my names Ralph Gibson. I’m 54 and have been wargaming since the age of 14. I now live in Alfreton, Derbyshire, having moved from Essex some eight years ago now. I used to belong to Loughton Strikeforce from its relative formative years. A small group of us meet up for games from time to time but this is’nt as frequently as we would like as we have become a little scattered. We are all of similar ages, who remember the original Airfix, Hinchliffe and Minifig figures, Terence Wise, Donald Featherstone etc.Two are old friends from Loughton Strikeforce days and live in Suffolk while another also lives in Suffolk and two in Doncaster.

    We play historical games which tend to be all day Saturdays at Pentrich Hall, Derbyshire, and sometimes in Suffolk. We are lucky with the Pentrich venue as the hire charge is good at £55 for the day, which is cheap compared with a lot of rates. Its facilities are good with lots of good tables enabling a large table of around 24′ x 8′ to be created, a kitchen with tea urn and ample parking. Our main period is WWII in 20mm scale, although we play Napoleonic (15mm), American Civil War (15mm), Marlburian (15mm), WWI (1914) (20mm) and American War of Independence (25mm) and some Naval. We game these periods but are always receptive to play other periods. We use generally home grown rules for WWII at 1:1 and at the grand tactical level, the latter of which suits the Eastern Front and Western Desert a little better. At the present time we are in the process of playing a Battle of the Bulge campaign covering Kampfgruppe Peiper. Our next project will be “Operation Market-Garden” 1944.

    We attend various shows such as Pudsey, Vapnartak, Triples, Kelham Hall, sometimes Battlegroup South at Bovington, and Old Glory, now at Donnington. Its nice to know that there is another local show and we’ll hopefully come along to that, all being well.

    I see that you have just started an Ancients campaign. Do you fight other periods as well? We’ll look out for your flyers for “Cannon” at “Vapnartak”.

    Ralph Gibson

  2. Hi Ralph, thanks for looking at the site. I do hope to see you and your group at the event because we have some exciting games and also some new traders to the wargames scene lined up. All the best, Darren.

    p.s We mainly do ancients but willing to try any other periods.

  3. I may like to add Ralph that im very impressed by your commitment to wargaming with a wide and varied selection of interesting periods too. Your most welcome to drop by when we organise a game – hope to see you at the show for a chat!

  4. Hi
    Phil from Clarborough here. Brilliant to hear that you are putting on a show next month… really looking forward to it. My boys and I (and possibly the wife!) will be attending. I’m an ancient (rather than ancients) gamer who began with a 15mm Guardroom Anglo-Saxon army back in 1984!! Done all sorts of stuff since on and off, but with two teenage boys, my most recent larger scale project was Warhammer War of the Ring. They are now at Retford Post 16 doing A Levels and wargaming isn’t quite as cool as it was three or four years ago. We still do the odd game of Rapid Fire and Vietnam skirmishing. I’ve just started painting up some Perry Wars of the Roses with a view to playing A Coat of Steel (free to download from Perfect Captain Games!!). Managed to get the first three command done this week!!! It’ll be a long process.
    Excellent web site, by the way, and good to know that there are like minded folk out there not too far away.

  5. Great to hear from you Phil, nice to know another Wargamer lives quite close!
    im sure you (and maybe the lads) will find something interesting at Cannon to compliment what your already doing or to kick-start a new project.
    I hope this will be an annual event and i’ll examine every aspect of the show in order to make things even better for next year. We really have some fantastic games on show for you, hope you take the wife along too – at least she’ll begin to understand our madness!

  6. Hi, my name is Alan Cole and a member of the Rotherham Wargames Club. If any of your group fancy a game on a Saturday, I am sure we could arrange something :0) We are not a million miles away and still have one or two members that have 15mm ancient armies. They will be based for Field of Glory, but we are flexible.
    If anyone is interested please see our web site rotherhamwargames.org location, times and club contact email, or just email me direct.
    I hope to make it to your Cannon show this year so may get the chance to meet face to face.

  7. Hi Alan, it would be great to meet-up at the event and organise a game sometime. We mainly play 25/28mm ancients (either our own rules or Clash of Empires) but we often drift into other periods and scales for a change. Look forward to seeing you,

  8. Hi Guys. I’m back in the UK in October 2016 for an extended period of time. At least until May 2017. Enough time to get back into 15mm Ancients, 28mm Ancients, War of the Ring, Kings of War, Lion Rampant, Dragon Rampant et al. Just need you lot to come round. There is a 12′ x 4’6″ table waiting for gaming on as well as a ‘man’ fridge for refreshment.

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