Welcome to the home of  Retford Wargames Group


It is after much consideration and consultation that due to a change in my career circumstances that the Cannon Wargames show will cease. After 5 years of relative success and thankfully no organisational hic-ups I will melt away from the event scene generally because im now working weekends. The amount of work in organising an event is absolutely colossal but rewarding! Ill still manage to make it along to 3 or 4 events a year but its a long shot from the 20 or so I did by taking flyers and ‘networking’ to promote the Cannon event up and down the country. It just leaves me to contact a couple of traders who left deposits for the 2019 show. I would like to say a sincere THANK YOU to everyone who has attended in any format, as either Gamer, Trader or visitor and given us so much support. It’s been an epic journey of discovery and learning, meeting so many people and making many friends along the way. A very special thank you to the hand full of RWG helpers and Wargames Foundry for the sponsorship support. Also, I can’t finish without a mention for two people, Laurence J Baldwin and Richard Tyndall, who gave me wise words and inspiration to begin the project. Cheers and hopefully see you all soon.




James Morris excepting the winning shield from Damien Forest of Retford Wargames Group for their WW2 Crete 1941 game.